8:20 AM–9:20 AM      MORNING KEYNOTE:
Next Gen Corporate Payments: What to Expect?
                                       Erin McCune, Glenbrook Partners, LLC

                                       Peter Davey, The Clearing House

                                       David Tao, Uber Technologies

                                       Marwan Forzley, Veem

                                       Ben Ellis, Visa Business Solutions


   Refreshments provided between sessions


   9:40 AM–10:40 AM   SESSION ONE

                                      1A  Treasury as a Product Partner: Enabling FinTech Innovation at Square---Tim Murphy, Square; Emily Pirnack, Square
                                      1B  Where Have all the Assets Gone? - Corporate Cash Portfolios Before and After Tax Reform and Repatriation

                                            Bob Leggett, Morgan Stanley; Amber Chi, Salesforce
                                      1C  Amazon’s Strategy to Building an Effective Capital Structure: From A-to-Z---Tony Masone, Amazon

                                      1D  Journey to the Ultimate State of Working Capital: Implementing an Effective Supply Chain Finance Program---

                                             Ilkim Saracel, Flex

   10:55 AM–11:55 AM  SESSION TWO

                                       2A  Treasury of the Future: What will it look like?---Kelvin Ang, Citi; Anita Bubna, Flex
                                       2B  Elevate your Investment Strategy with Current Trends and Full Service Technology Solutions---Pat O'Callaghan, GSAM;

                                             Ed Barrie, Tableau
                                       2C  Treasury's Seat at the Strategic Table - Capital Planning---Michael Seal, HPE
                                       2D  Transformation Through a Bank RFP---Michelle Toyoshima, ISI; Lynn Zhou, ISI; Victor Chow, ISI

   12:00 PM–1:30 PM   LUNCH KEYNOTE
Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence
                                       Erica Dhawan, Cotential

    1:45 PM–2:40 PM    SESSION THREE
                                      3A  The Future of Bank-Corporate Communication is here - Real-time Integration with API’s---Alex Yang, Bank of America;

                                            Ed Barrie, tableau

                                      3B  FX Risk Management: Change your Paradigm---Chuck Brobst, OANDA Corporation
                                      3C  Share Repurchase Structuring 2.0 — Vijay Culas, Matthews South; Odette Go, Lam Research
                                      3D  Hot Topics from Hot Companies: Building Treasury from Scratch — Lisa Chan, Airbnb; Ada Kwan, Bloom Energy;

                                             Bridget Rodnick, Dropbox; Chris Ginieczki, Nvidia

   2:55 PM–3:45 PM     SESSION FOUR

                                      4A   The Future of Payments is Now---Steven Bernstein, JPM; Randy Von Feldt, Bill.com
                                      4B   Serving a Social Purpose---Tina Kobetsky, DWS; Morgan Collins, Starbucks
                                      4C   Building Treasury Influence in a Hyper-growth Company---Alice Xu, Workday
                                      4D   How to Optimize Working Capital and Keep Supply Chains Healthy---David Adams, Taulia
   4:00 PM– 4:55 PM    SESSION FIVE
                                      5A   Uber 2018 AFP Grand Prize Award Project---Matt Wegner, Uber Technologies
                                      5B   Portal Capabilities Beyond Trading---Thomas Knight, ICD; Matt Post, Qualcomm; Kim Kelly-Lippert, American Honda

                                              Motor Company
                                      5C   Leveraging Liquidity Planning to Inform Capital Allocation Decisions & Be a Strategic Partner for FP&A---

                                              Kelly Quinn, Facebook

                   5:00 PM     NETWORKING RECEPTION BEGINS

2019 Program Brochure

EVENT:                   The 30th Annual San Francisco Treasury Symposium

EVENT DATE:         Friday, May 10, 2019 (7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)

LOCATION:             The Park Central Hotel San Francisco

                                 50 Third Street (@ Market)

                                 San Francisco, CA 94103

ATTENDEE FEE:     $500.00 - EARLY Registration  (through Friday, April 19, 2019)

                                 $575.00 - General Registration

​                                 All registration fees are non-refundable after April 29, 2019.


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